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Steve reads his Blog

Jul 27, 2018

There is no need to panic...yet. Procrastinators can freely ignore this post, for now. But if you are one of those people who hates scrambling at the last minute, then maybe this will interest you.


Microsoft likes to call the significant updates for Dynamics 365 "Waves". They have also announced that there will...

Jul 5, 2018

I was chatting with another Dynamics 365 partner the other day. He was talking about his existing customers, and how once deployed, configured and tweaked etc., he did not do much follow-on work with them. He was however, spending tremendous effort trying to get new customers.  I thought, "I think you are missing...

Jul 3, 2018

Part of the huge April wave of feature releases for Dynamics 365, were some license tweaks and a some new license types. I already discussed the new Dynamics 365 for Marketing license here, but in this post, I want to focus on the new Dynamics 365 Sales Professional License.

A Little History

Bear with me, but we need...

Jul 2, 2018

Microsoft recently announced the availability of the Common Data Service (CDS), as a platform, accessible with a PowerApps P2 license. A few folks got kind of excited, many others said "So what?", and most have no idea what I am talking about right now. But our firm has bet the farm on it.

Star Alignment

Several things...

Jul 2, 2018

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing has finally launched! It has been available for purchase since the first of this week. An awesome platform of modern technology, able to do things not even possible before. How many eager customers have clamored to jump on board this revolutionary marketing #FreightTrain of...