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Steve reads his Blog

Sep 22, 2020

In one of our private MVP channels, another MVP “joked” that Jukka Niiranen should consider reading his blog like I do, so I “joked” that I would do it for him, and then Jukka “joked” that he “fully approved this innovative art performance“, and so.... all jokes aside… a Special Edition of Steve Reads his Posts, where I instead, Read one of Jukka’s posts.

But before I do that

I have known Jukka for several years now, and I consider him "the" top blogger when it comes to all things Power Platform. I also write a lot about the Power Platform, but I have a much different style than Jukka. If you could only read one blog to get the latest information on the Power Platform, I would easily recommend his blog over mine. But we both know you can read more than one blog, so you should follow both of us.

It was not hard to pick a great post of Jukka's to read, I simply opened his most recent, since all of his posts are brilliant. I’m reading his own words, unedited, so where you hear “I”, it is actually Jukka. Please enjoy this special episode of “Steve reads Jukka’s Post”.